19 Jun 2008

flying update

I love having my parents here!! I have got so much done in the last few days while they've been here: Freezer defrosted (my mom even washed it out while I was doing physio with the girls!), plants re potted, lots of food for the girls prepared, pram repaired etc etc. This has all been done with minimal crying from the girls as there is always a doting grandparent to cuddle/play with. I can already see we are going to have a tough time next week with only me to play with.

C and E got to be models for the Vojta course again this week and as always it was very interesting. Enya freaked out 3 times because strangers got too close to her, which makes me wonder if she is already starting with stranger anxiety. Ciara on the other hand is usually very wary of strangers and nervous in strange places, but this time she was as happy as Larry, laughing and playing with everyone. Continuing the good trend the physio who assessed her said it was difficult to spot her problems and if she were a new patient would not actually qualify for treatment. The only reason she is still getting treated is to finish what was started and to optimize her function. Enya's highest pattern of movement is still measuring about a half a month ahead of Ciara's, but her quality of movement (shoulder /pelvis differentiation)remains poor so she will need treatment for a while longer :-(.

On the agenda for tomorrow is sort out my bookcase, wash the floors, childproof the house and buy a stroller and security gate. I think my folks are going to have to move to Germany - otherwise my house is going to fall back into it's post "arrival of the babies" mess!

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Cathy said...

Can your parents come to my house next? It must be nice to have so much help so you can get so much done!!

Glad the physio stuff is going well - stranger anxiety makes things tough. My boys are definitely starting to show some of that.