10 Jun 2008

neck and neck

Enya saw the gauntlet being thrown and accepted the challenge: this morning 2 rolls with in 20 minutes while watching her sister getting physio from mom.
Ciara's response was to roll onto her tummy and push herself off the nice soft mat and on to the cold tile floor (and then scream until mom came to rescue her!)
Enya then decided that was for sissys and this evening rolled 4 times on to her tummy and back on to her back.
Ciara next attempt was to nearly get up on to her hands and knees.
Enya, the ball is in your court now!

1 comment:

Cathy said...


It's how I learned to walk at 9 months - hey, my 3 year old brother was doing it, and he couldn't beat me!

Glad they're doing so well!