7 Jun 2008

We're back

We had a great time in Holland. It was warm, didn't rain much and we had a parent per child, what more do you need for a holiday? OK, you say a bit more sunshine would have been nice but then I would have had to smother the girls in sunscreen. See it was right just as it was.

The only down side is Enya has now decided she doesn't want to eat solids anymore! I may sound calm when I write about this but I have to keep reining myself in otherwise I get hysterical.

Over the last week we've had to fight to get her to eat more than 3 spoons of solids per meal. We have to keep rewarming the food so it has a constant temperature and then it's a game of patience. We don't and won't force her to eat but we have to keep holding the spoon in front of her mouth until she eats the spoonful. She will also no longer eat puree which is too thick or has a texture to it. That being said she will eat bits of roll until she chokes and then vomits it all back up. I don't understand this baby!! Until last week texture and thickness was no problem for her and she would eat anything we put in front of her until the bowl was empty, we've done nothing different in the last week but suddenly she doesn't want food!

The only thing I can think of is that she may be getting teeth, as she keeps grapping my finger to gnaw on. May I just add even without teeth it hurts when she bites down!

On the plus side both girls rolled from back to tummy while we were away. Enya did it first and has done it at least 2 other times since then. Ciara has just done it once but we often find her 3/4 of the way over. We have yet to see them do it from start to finish but hopefully we will see them do it in the next week as they do it more frequently

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Cathy said...

Glad you had fun!

Sorry Enya isn't eating. It could well be teething - we're having issues too. Solids, bottles, we're a mess.

And YAY for rolling! If yours are anything like MINE, they'll start doing it in their cribs now, and then shrieking so you can go in and check out their coolness.