8 Jun 2008

English practice

I think I need to practice my english more often! I've just read through my last few posts and my grammer is becoming very strange, almost germanic. I guess that's what happens when you mostly speak german at home. We are hoping to bring the girls up bilingual, i.e. I will speak only english to them, Z will speak only german. At least until they go to kindergarten, thereafter only english will be spoken at home.

I'd better brush up my english in the meantime though! Goody, more reading but with a good excuse now. Usually I am a complete bookworm, but since the girls came home I've been battling to find the time and am now lucky if I read 4 books in a month (pre C and E 4 books in a week was my norm). Now I have no choice, don't want the girls to learn crappy english ;-).

Love this photo Z took of our babies together.

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