22 Jun 2008

Hubbys home

With a slight delay (storms in Philadelphia, I believe) Z arrived home today after a week in the US. He was very busy and is now tired but has tomorrow off to recover. Hehe, the girls have been waking every couple of hours during the night for the last few nights, so he'll not be sleeping well tonight! Sorry if I seem mean but last night (I mean 3 am this morning!) after I'd finally got them to sleep again he rang to say his plane was delayed. His name was mud (for all of about 2 seconds).

The to do list from my last post has mostly been achieved although it took a couple of days longer to do. I bought the Koelstra twin simba stroller, which although not extremely lightweight, is a bit sturdier and more thought through than the other strollers I saw. We are now the owners of 1 twin pram and 2 twin strollers- one "lightweight" and the other weighs as much as our pram (17kg). The second stroller was loaned to us by our landlady for use when we are going over uneven surfaces, walks in the forest etc. It has great suspension and pneumatic tyres but weighes a b$?%&* ton, it also takes up the whole boot leaving no room for shopping!

Now I'll just have to go shopping to try it out ;-)

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La La said...

I have noticed an annoyingly small selection in twin strollers (at least around where I live). UGH! Literally, we went to several different stores and checked on the internet and still it only came down to two potentials. GL!