26 Jun 2008


The princesses are not amused that they have to wait again at mealtimes! I now get to feed one to the not nice accompaniment of the other yelling. Enya gets this really heart rending note in her cry, it makes my heart ache listening to her. I have previously tried to get them onto slightly different schedules but because 2 out of 4 meals a day are done with Z feeding one and me the other, it always goes haywire!

Debs, my friend that works as a dietican in a NICU is coming to visit this weekend, so I'm hoping to pick up loads of tips from her, not least as both girls have decided not to eat avocado anymore. DAMMIT, don't they know how many calories are in avo! Maybe that's their game, they know I want them to eat it so they get nice and fat, this is their defence. Ha monkeys, I'm on to you now! Custard, cheese and butter are coming your way next!

Physio bright and early tomorrow morning- we have to be at the hospital for 8am, hopefully Mrs. W will have a new technique for Ciara as the new one from last week is not working. She always manages to escape from the position I'm supposed to hold her in, it is NOT fun! I keep worrying that I'm going to dislocate her shoulder or break her leg as she stuggles so hard to get out of the position.

Last but not least Germany is playing Spain in the Euro 2008 Final (football) on Sunday. *sigh* another 3 days and then I get my husband back and can take down the german flags in our garden.

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