30 Jun 2008

Bad mood all round

They are in a foul temper this morning and I don't know why! I've had Enya strapped to my front in a carrying cloth and landed up carrying Ciara as well to stop her crying. They are definitely too heavy for this to be even a short term solution. Thankfully they have now both gone down to sleep after lunch, so I'll get an hour's respite.

Oh and nobody mention football please!


Cathy said...

Teething? Belly ache? Desire to drive Mommy crazy?

Hope they wake up in better moods!

Cathy said...

Hey, you've probably heard this already, but I thought I'd check anyways.

I was just told to start drizzling olive oil onto all Daniel's solids. Good fat, packed with calories, and well tolerated. So if you haven't been already, I figured I'd pass the tip along!

iamza said...

So, uh, Germany lost then? ;-)

Hopefully, the twins have been happier today.