3 Jul 2008

next discharge

No unfortunately not from physio, but from the behavioural team for Enya's eating. They said they have helped us as much as they can (by telling us to keep the mealtimes down to 15 minutes!?!) and not to panic when she doesn't eat! I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that but I will try. On the plus side she has put on about 400g in the past 2 weeks which is fantastic but at least in part due to the fact we are now giving her higher calorie formula.

Ciara and Enya are also now confirmed tummy sleepers and are rolling all over their cots. I never know where to look when I come in in the middle of the night to put their dummies back in (we don't have a night light on so it is all done by feel;-)). Yes, that game is still continuing, I'm now waking at 3am even if they aren't crying as it is such a habit for them. I'm seriously debating taking their dummies away!

Ciara is pushing up onto her hands and knees and rocking so it looks like crawling is in our near future, but then she made us wait for over month between rolling on to her side until she rolled all the way on to her tummy so Enya may pip her at the post again. Note to self: finish childproofing the flat!

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La La said...

Look at those two cuties!