7 Jul 2008

how far we've come

OK, enough already with the self pity! I'm lucky I've still got both my daughters and we've come a long way since August last year. I can't believe in little over one month we will be celebrating their FIRST birthday. And this year we will be celebrating! Last year for obvious reasons we didn't celebrate their birth so we will be making up for it this year!

first nappy size

as a comparison: on the left is Ciara's nappy size now, on the right is the nappy size they wore when they were born.

I have photos from shortly after their birth where the nappy is wrapped almost twice around Enya's waist (she lost over 100g in the first week of life-the lowest weight I heard was 520g) and covers her almost to her armpits. Like I said we've come a long way since then.

Now if Enya would just quit going on feeding strikes, we might get her to grow even bigger ;-). We've had another week where she has put on a grand total of 30g!


La La said...

Wow. A picture really is worth a thousand words. My goodness...

Cathy said...

Crazy to see the size differences!