29 Jul 2008

Thank you Z

As previously mentioned we've been having a bit of a heat wave here, summer has finally arrived! Z had a week and a half leave (when I wasn't doing so well) and used some of his holiday to erect a sun sail over our terrace so the girls could enjoy the "fresh" air. I think he did a sterling job, so thank you Z!!

We've been out on the terrace most days and have even been enjoying paddling in the (tiny) baby pool.

Don't mind the grey skys we're finally having a summer thunderstorm this afternoon to cool things down.

We went to the paediatrician again about Enya not drinking, we had a couple of days last week where she only drank 100mls. His advice is as long as she is still putting on weight and not dehydrated to stop worrying. He gave me samples of a few other milk powders to try but as they are not thickened Enya won't drink them so we remain in a holding pattern. We've gone back to our AR thickened formula and are once again pressing on the teat. My aim is now to get her drinking out a cup as quickly as possible and do away with the bloody bottle before her bottle phobia gets any worse.


Cathy said...

Awesome that you get them outside! I .. um .. don't. Ever.

I hope Enya takes to a cup quickly. Because seriously, 100 ml is not enough. Can she even stay hydrated on that? (We were told 18 oz, which is 540 ml.)

Nix said...

Cup is not going well today so far have only got her to take one sip out of it!
My paed said to feed her lots of fruit puree which is 90% water and as long as she is not looking dehydrated it's OK. He also offered to bring her in for weekly weight controls, but I'm already doing that at home.
She is also drinking better this week but only because we are back on the AR formula :-(