22 Jul 2008

Not doing well

Me this time, not the girls. We're coming up for the anniversary of when I was admitted to hospital and with one thing and another I'm not coping very well. Thankfully Z has this week off.

Enya has lost weight this week but when she only drinks one bottle the entire day what can you expect. She is still eating her solids at least, even if that is not as much as usual.


Cathy said...

Sorry you're not doing so well!

And that Enya isn't eating well. That just makes everything worse.

Has she been seen by a gastroenterologist? I'm just wondering if they've actually ruled out a diagnosable problem. These babies - not eating, not sleeping .. how did the species ever make it this far?

Nix said...

I'm waiting for a few days to collect exact amounts and volumes and then we're going to hit the paed next week and demand some action (if she doesn't suddenly start drinking again in the meantime)