18 Jul 2008

Neurodevelopmental update

Yesterday was the 3rd preemie developmental follow up. We got to see B, who is a friend of ours as well as a neonatologist. She hadn't seen the girls since February and was very pleased at how they've grown and developed.

As expected she was especially pleased with Ciara's progress, as you may remember in February they were talking about Ciara having signs associated with brain damage (high tone in her legs, hands always being clenched etc.). B said that we should continue physio with Ciara until she is crawling, but also said she believes it's only a matter of weeks (please please please!!). Enya will need physio longer, but I think if I only need to treat one child it will take some of the stress out of my day, even though the physio wants us to go back to 4 sessions a day with Enya!

On the eating/drinking front B told me off for getting too fixated on numbers, as long as Enya is not dehydrated and continuing to grow albeit on her own curve, all was well (even if she is only drinking 250ml of formula a day). So I'm not to put any stress on myself and let Enya rediscover the joy of drinking! Now I've heard it from everyone and so I'll try (again) to relax about her milk consumption. On that note I must add Enya is continuing to drink her bottles without any assistance from us, she's even sucking occasionally!

Our friends from the UK arrive tomorrow morning so please excuse me not updating or commenting on your blogs for a few days.

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Cathy said...

Glad things are looking up!

It's hard not to stress over food intake. I do it too. Constantly trying to squeeze a few more calories in wherever possible.

Someday, it'll all be a bad memory, right? And when they go for that 8th cookie, we'll lecture them on over-eating ...