6 Jul 2008


I know intellectually that it is expected for such premature babies as ours to be developmentally delayed but it was really underlined this weekend.

We had the summer family day with Z's volleyball friends yesterday, one of the ladies had her daughter, lets call her M, 6 weeks after our girls due date (her daughter was also a couple of weeks early). M is sitting by herself, crawling and even attempting to stand. Ciara and Enya are rolling all over and Ciara is going onto her hands and knees but no sign of sitting or forward movement.

I know they will do it in their own time and M is doing this all very early but it just brought it home once again that the effects of their premature birth will accompany them long term.

I'm also fed up with Vojta therapy, more and more I have the feeling that it is pointless torture, that I'm not doing it properly and I'm sick and tired of always being the one that has to do it (Z refuses to do it at all anymore). I want to drop it but our paediatrician has already said if we stop Vojta, we will not get another form of physio prescribed! I would prefer to do Bobath therapy which is a gentler technique. As much as I hate Vojta, I know the girls need some form of physio therefore I have no choice but to continue.

Sorry just feeling a bit down today!

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Cathy said...

They're so cute - mobility is scary though, isn't it? You're a bit ahead of us on it it seems.

I'm sorry there are no good solutions for the physio. They really need it? Can you go to another pediatrician?

It is hard to watch babies the same age doing more than your own. I don't have it to the same extent as you, though I do have it between the boys themselves. And it sucks. But by the time they're all 3 or 4, it will likely have balanced out considerably.

Wait .. will we all survive until then? Hmm. Twins, they make you question your ability to make it another day.