15 Jul 2008

Happy 11 month birthday

In one month my little babies are going to be ONE YEAR olds!!! It's amazing how time flys, isn't it.

I'm happy to report the house is now clean and safe for visitors to enter. Since the girls were born housekeeping has not been my priority, but when guests come, I'm too embarrassed to let them see the normal state of the house. It drives poor Z mad, he's a typical german and likes things "orderly" ;-). Poor guy he definitely didn't marry a german hausfrau!

On the eating front with Enya we have made a small step forward but I've been burnt too often to get excited yet. I'll write more when I believe it!


Cathy said...

So cute!

I'm no good on the house cleaning anymore either. Who has the time?

Now, I MUST ask. In the seconds following that picture, did anybody grab anybody else's eye? Shirt? Lip? Shove a finger up a nose, perhaps? Or is it just a boy thing - mine are wrestling EVERY time I put them near each other!

Nix said...

We like to scratch in the Z household! Enya is right now sporting a wonderful scab on her nose ;-). I have to try keep them apart when laying them on the floor otherwise they are forever all over the other and screaming when said other retaliates!