31 Jul 2008

Pudgy legs

I was looking at Enya this morning and noticed that she too finally has pudgy baby thighs. Don't get me wrong, she is small and her waist is tiny (hopefully in 40 years I can still write that ;-)) she still fits into size 3 nappies with the tabs almost end on end, but she no longer has chicken legs. There is finally a bit of fat and more importantly muscle on her legs.

The darling girls allowed us to sleep in until after 7 this morning, I got a fright when I woke of my own accord and saw how late it was. We are no longer being wakened at 3am but they usually wake around 6:30am. Unfortunately Z had to go to work so we couldn't lie in and enjoy the late start.

Z is finding it really hard after his leave to only see the girls for 45 mins in the morning and then again for an hour in the evening. We get them out of bed just before 7 in the mornings feed them and then they go down immediately after for their morning nap as they are still very tired (latest 8 am). They wake anywhere from 9:30-10 and play until just after 11am when I feed them again and then back to bed for another 1-2 hour nap. They get another bottle at around 3ish in the afternoon followed sometimes by another nap although this one is usually just 1/2-1 hour long. Z comes home around 5:30-6pm to play a bit with the girls and then at the latest 6pm we start with the evening meal with the aim to get them into bed by 6:30-7pm. Any later and they are impossible to feed and settle as they are just too tired. Ciara has been known to fall asleep while being fed, she had to be woken up for every mouthful, she was too cute (we couldn't just leave her as she would have woken up at 3am starving-voice of experience speaking here).

This is the schedule that works for them and I know on the days where we deviate from it due to appointments how cranky they get, so obviously they need this much sleep, it just makes me sad for Z as he doesn't get a lot of time with them. It makes me wonder how moms who have to work manage. This is not a critisism of working mothers, I know we are fortunate that I can stay home with the girls this long, but it must really be hard to miss out on so much of your child's childhood!


Cathy said...

I have no idea if your sizes correspond to ours, but Daniel is still in a size 1 diaper. And that's only because they're cheaper than the newborn size ones, or else he'd still be in newborns. Watch, we'll overfeed them as toddlers and wind up with morbidly obese children. :)

So .. how do you GET them to sleep? Your schedule sounds similar to ours, but it's the getting them to sleep that's killing me. And then perhaps the husband wouldn't be so anxious to run out of the house in the morning and so late in coming home ...

La La said...

Yay for pudgy baby legs! Go little ones go! =)

Nix said...

I wish I could say it was due to our brilliant parenting but about from being really strict about when they are in bed we only go in to put dummies back in their mouths, we haven't done anything. I (yet again bad mommy) do CIO, we have had instances where Ciara hasn't settled during the day and I've taken her to our room and put her in our bed and then left her to CIO. I kept checking on her and putting her dummy back in but then leaving her alone. It took maybe 15-30 mins for her to settle but then she slept for at least one and a half hours.
Unfortunately now that she is that much more mobile i'll have to find another trick as I can't risk leaving her in the middle of our very large bed anymore. Maybe use our travelling cot?