24 Jul 2008

Summer has returned

After freezing our a&*£s off for the last week summer has finally returned in full force, which means I can't make up my mind if my daughters' shiny red cheeks are due to the heat or could they finally, at the age of eleven months, possibly be getting their first teeth!!

We met up with our neighbour from the Kinderklinik today (we had planned to meet 2 weeks ago but it got cancelled as the baby P had a fever). This little P from the hospital weighs nearly as much as Ciara now and is at least as big, although corrected she is 2 months younger than my two! Isn't it fantastic how babies can grow (at least when they eat they can), last time we saw her she was still in preemie clothing and weighed 2 and a half kilos.

I sent Z in my stead to physio this week as I hit rock bottom, the result is that Ciara is no longer getting physio and will now just be monitored while Enya still continues with the full program.

Ciara is now rocking so wildly on her hands and knees that her knees slide forward but she hasn't figured out how to move her hands forward. She has also sat from her hands and knees down onto one hip a couple of times, but hasn't figured out how to sit up properly yet. Enya is now trying to get onto her hands and knees but battles to keep her knees together. She does however watch her sister and then tries to imitate what Ciara is doing. They are taking more and more notice of each other and what is really cute is Ciara sometimes seems to be trying to comfort Enya when Enya starts to cry- probably just coincidence but cute nonetheless.

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