14 Jul 2008

looking forward to a new week

Another busy week this week, but for once due to normal everyday appointments NOT medical ones!! On Wedensday I'm having a couple of friends over for breakfast with their daughters (yes we all had girls!). A playgroup for babies if you will ;-). Of course this means I have to do a major clean tomorrow but it's going to be worth it for some adult company during the day. On Friday I'm meeting a fellow preemie mom from the Kinderklinik. We haven't seen each others girls (yup another girl) since last year so it should be interesting. She was saying her daughter weighs as much as Ciara even though she is about 2 months younger (corrected), GULP!

We do have one medical appointment on Thursday, our next neurodevelopmental assessment. I'm going to be interested to see what they say this time round, up to now they have always made out that Ciara is the "Sorgekind", where we've been saying she's fine!

Then on the weekend our next load of visitors arrive for a long weekend. They are all going to be bunking down in our lounge which is right next to the nursery and unfortunately C&E are still doing the 3am thing!! We have offered to put up tents in the garden if they can't cope :-) they're friends from the mountaineering club where Z and I met so they are used to tents.

Now we just have to hope the weather improves so we can do something on the weekend!

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