11 Jul 2008

new low

Do you remember me writing I wouldn't panic? Well last night I couldn't help myself.

Enya hit a new low: she drank only 280ml of formula the whole day yesterday! Eating wise she was not any better. For the past few weeks she hasn't really wanted to drink, she is biting down on the teat so nothing can come out and then pushing the teat out her mouth with her tongue. You got to give her marks for ingenuity. But yesterday was the pits!! It was only thanks to the last feed last night that we even got in to the 200's!

Repeat after me : I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic.....

We have swopped back to our old formula in the hopes that she will drink that at least, but bang go any hopes of increasing her calorie intake.

On the positive side Ciara is now holding her own bottle when we give it to her although I still cuddle her while she's drinking. They don't get cuddled as much as a singleton would so I don't want to lose these four definite cuddle times per child per day if possible.


Cathy said...

Yay for bottle holding! I know what you mean about the cuddles, THOUGH, mine refuse to be put down.

Could Enya be getting teeth? Andrew's been doing that to the nipple for awhile now (drives me batty because with HIS it just makes it leak a ton out that he then spits!), and I'm nearly positive it's a teething thing for him.

Weren't you trying cup feedings with her too? Any luck there? Some sippies work by them biting down to make the liquid come. Hey, if they can be sneaky, so can we!

Nix said...

Unlikely to be teething as gums are completely smoothe, no bumps to be felt at all! She thinks sippys are for banging on the table or throwing on the floor. I have considered getting on of the bite valves but as I understand it- they still need to suck to get anything out ;-(!

Cathy said...

i don't know what you have for brands over there, but we have one, The First Years, and their sippy is valve-less and free flowing. Or Nuby has a bite valve that doesn't seem to need to be sucked hard at to get a good amount of liquid. I hold it for him like I would a bottle, so he can't throw it around.