16 Jul 2008

Drinking diary

Just as well I didn't get too excited yesterday as today has been the pits! Yesterday I'd planned to feed Enya her 3rd bottle with a spoon by mixing a bit of Brei (porridge) in. I thought though, before doing that, offer her the unthickened formula with her normal thickened milk teat and what did she do? She finished the bottle without any help at all (I'd only made 70ml but it was still without a fight and she sucked it down all by herself!!). Fluke, I thought, but did the same again for the evening bottle and again she finished the bottle, only this time it was her normal 130ml.*


Until this morning! First bottle she drank 40ml and then ate the rest as Brei which shows that her reason for refusing is not that she is full. Next meal 80ml but required a lot of encouragement and took about 30 min just with the bottle. This afternoon she drank another 80ml again only with a bit (OK a lot) of encouragement. I have however refused to press on the teat which means she is completely in control of how much milk comes out. Of course the hole in the teat is so large that it flows out without her having to suck. So here we are, one more meal to go today and she has drunk a grand total of 200ml. She's had about another 130ml in Brei form but this means she also hasn't had any space left for the solids she normally would eat. She has already lost 70g in the last few days.

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take!

*PS we had tried this before with unthickened milk and large holed teat and at that time she couldn't cope with the milk flow.


Cathy said...

Oh no!

So if the hole is already big enough that she doesn't need to suck, a sippy with the valve removed isn't going to help. Is she just getting TIRED? I mean, what does she do? Fall asleep? Actively refuse it?

If she's actively refusing it, I would BET on reflux. And since the thickened formula didn't help I would DEMAND acid-reducing meds. I mean, I know you have a different health system than we do here, but sitting in an office with two screaming babies until they meet your demands is pretty universal, right?

If you ever want to bounce ideas around, I'm happy to help. Eating issues are the worst!

La La said...

I wish I had some advice for ya...Hope you get the feeding issues worked out soon.