1 Aug 2008

Ooops, bad mommy

Yup, bad mommy has struck again. I had the girls outside yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours as it was just so hot and there was a bit of a breeze outside. I promise they were under the sunshade the whole time but they still got a bit sun pink. I have been trying to avoid putting sunscreen on them unless absolutely neccessary, what's the use of feeding them organic foods if I'm going to lather them in chemicals and their skin feels yucky when I've used it too! Oh well, lesson learnt, even with the sun sail we need sunscreen;-(.

I also noticed that both my daughters have more of a tan than I do (before the sunburn), I don't know how as we are not out in the sun much. I mean, come on, I live in one of the wettest spots in Germany. Hopefully they've inherited Z's skin as he goes brown at the drop of a hat and stays brown (and doesn't freckle), where as I burn and go white again within a few days. What can I say my gran was redhead.

C and E have also started clapping, not terribly coordinated and we have to show Ciara how to do it to start her clapping but it's really cute. Ciara claps the palm against the back of her other hand while Enya claps properly but only 2-3 times then loses interest.

Oh well off to physio this afternoon, wish me luck!

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