12 Aug 2008

A year ago today continued.....

It was weird. This morning at 6am Ciara started screaming although she still had her dummy in her mouth. She wanted out her bed, she quietened as soon as I entered but everytime I tried to leave she started screaming again.

A year ago at 6am I was being wheeled into the OT for an emergency cerclage as during the night I'd had heavy bleeding and the the news from the US exam was not good (bulging of the membranes into the upper cervix). I don't remember much of the day as I was on tocolytics and didn't react well to them, they landed up putting me on the super expensive reserve meds as they thought I had an allergic reaction to the terbutaline. I think I reacted to them flushing through a megadose of terbutaline when they put the antibiotics through the same IV line!

Enya's tooth is finally through although she doesn't allow us to inspect her pride and joy, unlike Ciara. We started playing with toothbrushes yesterday, Enya allows us to brush her gums, Ciara grabs the brush and then puts it backwards in her mouth. As I was at the dentist anyway yesterday I had a chat about when and how we go about intro to teeth cleaning. Her recommendaton was let them play with the toothbrush, chewing on the brush is also going to have a cleaning effect. When the teeth are properly through the gum start with a drop of toothpaste on the brush as the floride in the toothpaste will help their teeth but they will swallow it (babies can't spit out) so restrict the amount on the toothbrush.

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Cathy said...

Yay for teeth!

I love the flashbacks, by the way.