22 Aug 2008

still alive

We're all still alive and well, just been a busy week (good busy thank goodness). My other sister is here to visit until next week so I won't be posting until after she goes. I'm going to use the opportunity of free entertainment for the girls and try and get some more meals in the freezer.

We obviously have been very neglectful parents here as Z had both girls on a blanket on the grass (normally we stay on the terrace with the girls) and it took over an hour for the girls to move off the blanket onto the grass. Usually it takes them less than a minute to leave the blanket when on concrete. Of course they then whinge and complain because the concrete is so rough but it doesn't scare them, unlike grass. Z spent about 5 minutes trying to get Ciara to touch a daisy growing in the grass, of course when she finally realised that the daisy wouldn't hurt her she yanked off the head and tried to eat it. I fear her philosophy is going to be..what can't hurt me must be edible. Now I just need to convince them to leave my house plants alone, that is the only problem with the increased mobility right now, they both keep attacking the pot plants.

We also had a big dinner party with all Z's work colleagues last night. Once again we were really lucky with the weather as we had it out on our terrace. Thank goodness that now concludes all the obligatory celebrations for the girls' first year. Hard to believe that a year ago we weren't even sure if we would have a baby to bring home from the hospital and now we have 2 beautiful baby girls who, as my sister said today, bring a smile to everyones faces when they see them.

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