7 Aug 2008


Remember how I said that Enya was getting a tooth? Well it looks like Ciara beat her to it. Ciara tried to give me a kiss this morning, you know the one where she bites me on the nose, and it hurt! Sure enough when I stuck my finger in her mouth she has TWO teeth coming in at the bottom, they are already through her gums as I could feel the sharp edges.

Enya still has a very prominent bump but the tooth hasn't cut through yet.

I can't believe how relieved and excited I am about my babies finally getting teeth.

Now I need to go and clean out our teeny tiny yellow paddling pool as the weather is glorious today and when I finish smothering the babies in sunscreen we are going to go and enjoy the good weather. We are in desperate need of nappy free time as it looks like they could be getting their first nappy rash to go with the teeth.

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iamza said...

That's an interesting twist on an eskimo kiss. Remind me not to hold Ciara anywhere near my nose... *grin*