4 Aug 2008

stormy weather

I'm not going to have to worry about the girls getting sunburnt again under the sunsail as we had a terrific storm during the night and it ripped. In fact not only did it get ripped but one of the metal poles bent in half! There we were at 3 am this morning trying to cover our garden furniture and pull the rest of the sunsail down so it didn't do anymore damage. Needless to say we didn't have a very good night sleep after.

On to other news! Enya has started pulling herself forward in leopard crawl, I'd joked about this with Mrs W last week saying Enya would be crawling before Ciara and it looks like I may be proved right. Now if only this child would drink, I would be a very happy mom.

I know recently most of my posts have been about Enya so a little post on Ciara will be coming shortly (when I'm more awake) ;-)

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