14 Aug 2008

Ok sick then

Z took her off to the ER last night after she spent the evening just lying on her tummy, not even lifting her head when we called her name. Despite paraCetamol her temperature was consistently over 39C. Diagnosis was viral infection, ?site and only symptomatic treatment ie to keep the fever down and try keep her drinking (ha ha Enya drinking!) On the plus side she is doing much better today, she only developed a fever this afternoon and didn't rise above 38.7 C. She was also almost back to her usual cheery playful self, thank goodness! Although she still wants lots of cuddles and carrying which is not normal.

Ciara has started crawling, yesterday she only managed 1-2 movements before collapsing back on to her stomach today 4-6. Up to now she has only moved forward by going up on her hands and then pulling both knees together towards her hands before collapsing down on to her tummy again, so it's great that she is now co ordinating hand/opposite knee movements. Hopefully she keeps going and doesn't let it slide like she has in the past i.e. a milestone achieved and then forgets it for a few weeks before achieving it again.

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