31 Aug 2008

blogging hiatus over again

Sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. I've been enjoying the first few weeks of the girls' second year. Z has paternity leave for the next while (gotta love the German social system!!) so I've got help at home and things are finally getting done.

We've changed the girls to only 3 bottle feeds a day (170ml ~8oz a feed) which seems to be agreeing with Enya. She is not fighting the feeds at all right now and has put on a grand 280g this week. Ciara as always gobbles down her feeds both solids and liquid and is heading for the 75th percentile weight wise (Enya is heading away from the 3rd percentile towards the 9th!!!). I should add the percentiles are for their adjusted age.

We had our one year assessment with the paediatrician last week and he was astonished by Ciara. She is crawling and climbing everything. She even demonstrated bear walking (walking on hands and feet) over a meter for the doctor. He said she has no abnormal reactions anymore and has given us the all clear to quit physio with her. I think he was quite shocked when I told him she was crawling everywhere, I had to put her on the ground so he could see for himself- she is in the normal range for crawling for her corrected age which he said given her extreme prematurity was surprising.

Enya is also doing well, she is army crawling around. Today for the first time she army crawled the whole way down our passage to find us. OK, I admit I was sitting at the end egging her on, but she still covered the whole distance (~5m) by herself. We have caught her a couple of times making the motions of crawling properly, however the most she has managed to crawl up to now has been about a meter. The important bit though is: she is trying to crawl and I doubt it will be the 2 months the doctor suggested before she is crawling all over. I have to admit as much as I've bitched about the Vojta therapy it has been worth it (but I still can't wait to quit with Enya too!!)

Both girls are pulling up on everything, Enya onto her knees, Ciara all the way onto her feet. Their favourite pull up objects are my legs or the musical table they got for their birthday. Unfortunately with our tiled floors they can only pull up when supervised but they don't seem to understand that ;-). The toy therefore spends most of the time turned on it's side and we can no longer leave them in a room unsupervised (so much for my babyproofing- who knew they could pull up on pot plants!) even for a minute.

Now you are all generally up to date with the happenings in the House of Z so I wish you all a good nigh and I'll continue tomorrow.

Next installment includes a 14 hour sleep story.....

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