2 Aug 2008

Better than expected

We had a really good physio session yesterday, Mrs W was really pleased with Enya's progress. Enya is coming up onto her hands and knees more and more often and she can already bring her knees forward. Mrs W said she even saw her bring her hands forward once (I didn't). I hasten to add the reason Enya (and Ciara for that matter) are so good about bringing their knees forward is that, in the treatment rooms and here at home the floor is not carpeted so they can slide their knees forward. That being said Ciara is lifting one hand in the air and bringing it forward. I am so ready for them to be crawling so they no longer cry everytime I pop out of sight!

We now don't have an appointment for physio until next month. Yes, I mean SEPTEMBER. Mrs W is on holiday and is quite happy for us to continue to muddle along until then. She has given me a contact number for one of the other therapists if I feel in need of checking but said the girls are doing fine and it is not neccessary to see them before then if I'm happy with how things are going. Hopefully by September I will have 2 crawling babies and then it's goodbye Vojta!!

I have to add Enya discovered herself in the mirror yesterday at therapy. We placed her down in front of the full length mirror like we always do and for the first time she looked at her reflection and started laughing and trying to play with the "other baby". She was up on her hands and knees, rocking wildly and trying to pat hands with her reflection. She must have continued for about 10 min, Mrs W and I couldn't stop laughing. I tried with a mirror at home and she started to do the same again, but when I tried with Ciara she just ignored her reflection.

Oops munchkin is awake again, gotta go...

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Cathy said...

Mirrors are so much fun! What REALLY confuses them is when they see ME in the mirror.

Glad physio is on it's way out of your lives. Finally!