5 Aug 2008

Ciara's post

I often write about Enya and some peple may get the feeling that I ignore Ciara. This is not the case!

Ciara just seemed to have the easier ride right from the get go. She was extubated within hours of being born, never had a brain bleed and although she also used to swing with her oxygen saturations on CPAP they never suggested reintubating her. She was also always very vocal and remains so. I remember the nurses saying that they could hear her from 2 rooms away while she was still in her incubator, giving them notice that she was hungry.

Anyway on to the present, Ciara remains our chatty baby who is almost always smiling. She is however a bit of a scardy cat. Where E loves to be thrown around Ciara doesn't like to go too fast or too high. Gently and slowly is the key with her. She will often join in laughing however when we are throwing E around, spectator sport so to say.

Ciara is also able to move forwards but she does it her own way. She goes up on her hands and knees brings her knees together forward and then collapses down. A very strenuous way to cover maximum 5 cm, which is why she doesn't travel very far. She prefers to stay in one spot and make her own fun with whatis avaliable there.

Ciara drinks whatever we put in her bottle and very often eats her bowl and Enya's leftovers before looking for more. Even though she is a guzzle monster she remains slender and is not particularly large for her (adjusted) age. Lucky child has inherited her fathers metabolism! She is also starting to drink other drinks, now we just have to get her drinking from a cup.

She doesn't often want to cuddle but every so often she will just snuggle in when we are carrying her to bed and those moments are golden. She tucks her head into my neck and bring her arms in close and wriggles in. My only regret is when she does it
and I'm alone at home. If I haven't put E in bed already I can't cuddle with her for long, that is the one disadvantage of twins- there never seems to be enough time to cuddle with each as much as one would like to.

To round off this Ciara's post here is a photo of her giving herself her bottle

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