17 Aug 2008

quick birthday update

We had a fantastic birthday day, the weather was fantastic and the house was full. The girls were spoiled although they were more interested in eating the wrapping paper than playing with the new toys. They still haven't received a present from us but Z and I couldn't agree on a gift, so now I get to choose it all by myself. My little sister is here to visit so at least I get her advice/help.

Enya has recovered from her bug although we nearly landed up back in the Kinderklinik with her on Saturday as she developed a rash on her trunk. It wasn't an emergency but I couldn't get hold of the after hours paediatrician and I was worried. Thankfully it faded a lot by the time she woke from her midday nap so we managed to avoid that visit. Now I'm just waiting for Ciara to start showing the symptoms!

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iamza said...

Wow, the year seems to have raced past! I'm glad you had some good weather for the occasion -- hopefully there'll still be some sunshine around for the next, oh, say, week or so. :-)