6 Aug 2008


We attended our first baby play group today. We had to get up extra early (6am *groan*) and wake the girls so they could get a very early morning nap after breakfast. We had to leave at 8:30am to get to the community centre for 9am. Everything went according to plan except the play group wasn't meeting at the community centre today! Instead they met at the playground about 250m from our house. Thankfully someone came down to the CC to tell the uninformed.

I'd walked down to the CC and had to jog back to the playground with our 17kg pram and 16kg of baby in it (mostly uphill pant pant).

The play meet was OK but all the other babies there this time were mobile which meant we didn't have much to do with the others. They were all running around, mommys chasing toddlers. We will go again next week, hopefully there will be other babies who are also not walking yet.

On a positive note Enya drank 30ml from a beaker this afternoon. She was grabbing the beaker and wanting more, usually after 1-2 sips she is pushing it away. Again I'm not holding my breath but today at least she wanted to drink from a beaker! I offered it to Ciara as well, she liked sticking her toungue into the beaker but battled to take a sip.

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