13 Aug 2008

Sick or teeth

Temperature of 39 C, vomited back her lunch after one spoon of veg (ie about half the bottle she'd just drunk) and as miserable as sin. Every time I put Enya down and try to get started on the huge list of jobs for today she's started to cry. She will only let herself be comforted by me picking her up and rocking and stroking her. The sling is not good enough, she cried when I tried that to free up my hands for the aforementioned chores.

What do you think teeth or sick?

PS temperature down to 37.7 C after giving her infant paraCetamol.


Cathy said...

I would say sick.

Teething has a low-grade fever SOMETIMES, but 39C seems high to me. High enough that I would call the ped if it lasts too long, get checked for things like an ear infection.

Hope she's feeling better soon!

iamza said...

Ngh, hopefully it turns out to be just the teeth.

On the plus side, when it comes to chores, just leave them until tomorrow. *big evil grin*