11 Aug 2008

Relaxation corner

Well it's finally finished, my relaxation corner. My bookcases are in order and my rocking chair with footstool is also in situ. Now we just need our new couch and our woodburner to come and the final room in our flat is complete.

I also had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my darling Z bought me a "Siegerlanderhoehen" ring, Siegerland being the district we live in and the outline of the ring forms the borders of the district. I was really surprised as we'd seen it months ago and I'd liked it but then not thought anymore about it. Z tracked the jeweller down and bought the ring for me, isn't he a sweety ;-)

A while ago I posted that I still didn't feel like the girls were really mine, I'm happy to say that has changed although I still have to pinch myself that these 2 beautiful beings are really there and that I'm not dreaming. I find they are also a lot more "fun" now. They interact with us and each other and we can really see how the personalities are continuing to develop. Ciara is no longer as irritable as she was, she no longer reacts negatively to strange surroundings, rather she is very curious. Enya is becoming very chatty, her latest syllable is dada, which pleases Z. I keep repeating mama, but no joy yet :-(. What I find adorable is when they wake up after their naps, I very often hear them babbling to each other across the room. They also do watch each other when playing and try imitate each other.


Cathy said...

Love the new ring! So sweet of him! And the relaxation corner. Yum!

I love when the babies talk to each other too. It makes up, a little, for the stereo screaming.

iamza said...

Oh, that looks really good! I love the new shelves! I need to find something like that for my office/room-that-remains-forgot.

I also love the ring. What a neat idea for jewellery!