4 May 2010

and so it continues..

So has the universe smelled that Z is in the States this week and decided to pick on me. After the glasses bombshell yesterday, the next arrived this morning in the post.

We had applied for both girls to get a pension plan/invalidity insurance started a couple of weeks ago. We had to give medical details but part of the reason we were doing this now is the medical questionaire is supposed to be less detailed than if Ciara and Enya did this when they were adults. About a week ago we got the contract and I thought it was signed and sealed. Until this morning where I received a letter saying that they couldn't ensure my little nearly 3 year old Enya because of her medical history. Not only that but her name was going on a list the german insurance groups all have as having been refused this insurance. Which means even if we can clear some of the current issues on her medical sheet (for instance we're off to see the cardiologist next week to see if her ASD is closed) a new insurance company would still examine her application with a fine tooth comb and probably want extra details.

I knew there was a possibility of being turned down but I thought if they got turned down both would get turned down (the only major difference in their history being Enya's brain bleed). Now we have to decide whether to try find a comparable investment for Enya so she won't be disadvantaged, or if we look instead for something different for both girls so that everything is fair and equal.

The timing of this is the pits, I can't discuss this with Z until this evening so I'm going to be brooding over this all day!

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