19 May 2010

Kindergarten report

May I just repeat that I love love love the Kindergarten (for the americans here Kindergarten = nursery school in German) we've chosen for our girls!

We went yesterday for our first orientation visit and to meet the other new kids. Ciara and Enya will have three nursery school teachers in their group (2 of them are part time) looking after 20 kids. There are 3 other new kids starting and every new child has one older kid as a mentor. They are allowed to move freely around the Kindergarten building and can even join the 2 other groups for playing/activities if they wish (they have 60 kids in total and start taking kids from 2 years). Happily though there are the basic rules and regulations regarding only one toy at a time and cleaning up after themselves that we have at home. We have weekly visits now planned so that the kids are comfortable with the teachers, other kids and the daily happenings when they start full time in August.

We received our shopping list of things we need to buy(rain trousers, rain jacket, wellies that stay in the Kindergarten, rucksack for Wedensday walks, breakfast box and bottle etc.) and they couldn't emphasize enough that everything EVERYTHING must be labelled.

I'm not at all concerned how Ciara will adjust, we had to go looking for her a couple of times during the introduction (literally all 3 teachers and myself were searching the building) as she had gone to play with the other kids in another group. The fact that they have bobby cars at the Kindergarten just sealed the deal for her! Enya on the other hand stayed close to me pretty much the entire 2 hour visit, although at one stage she did go and sit on another mother's lap to read a book with her. The teachers were pretty impressed with how both girls could concentrate on an object that they were playing with. Yes, you read that right, my flighty girls were complimented on their concentration skills!

The girls even got one of the other newbies calling cars "cars" instead of "autos" (german), we may have to speak a bit more german at home for the next few months until they start Kindergarten ;0).

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