5 May 2010

Babee and the zoo

We've lost Ciara's Babee! We were at playgroup this morning and as we were walking out the room I gave it to her, but by the time we arrived at the car after a brief shopping foray it was gone. I've already phoned the centre where we were but they haven't found it. I guess my 3 free hours tomorrow will be spent hunting for the darn toy or trying to find a replacement!

On to happier things: after dropping Z at the airport on Sunday, the girls and I went to Frankfurt Zoo. I mean, come on, if we are going to drive an hour and a half to Frankfurt we might as well make a day of it. The Zoo was huge and a mix of old and new style enclosures, but was in all honesty not as nice as Cologne Zoo. Enya was really disappointed as they had no elephants but at least we actually got to see the lions and tigers here. The girls lasted until 3pm, when we started to drive home, before they both crashed out and then slept for the entire drive home. Huge relief for me as both girls delight in freeing themselves from their shoulder straps in the car seats and solo in the car with them I'd be pulling off at every rest place on the Autobahn (believe me it's what happened on the 6 hour drive down to the Mother-Child Kur.




as you can see by the looks of absolute fascination on their faces this could just as easily have been titled "time to go".

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