21 May 2010


After phoning the neurologists practice for the 4th time, they finally admitted to having the results of Enya's blood test. The first 3 times they kept promising they would phone me with the results as soon as they got them, which was in the end a lie (they couldn't find the results the last time I phoned, although everyone there knew that they had come and there was already a medical letter written for our paediatrician so they had obviously been around for a while).

They wanted me to start dosing her up with thyroxine and then recheck her TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels in 2 months. I have however learned to be a bit careful about this practice in the past (the doc trying to convince me that Enya had high tone in her legs when in reality she is low tone all over!) so I arranged to get copies of the lab reports and made an appointment with our own Paed.

After picking up the letter this morning before play therapy I was very relieved to see that the TSH levels were the high end of normal (my research on Dr google had informed me kids normal values were 0.7-5.5, adults 0.3-3.0, the normal levels quoted in the letter were the adult values). After play therapy we had our paed appointment and he AGREED with me! So another worry is swept off our plate, Enya doesn't have any thyroid problems YIPPEE!

Why the other practice is using adult values for kids, I don't know. The scariest thing is they also are a paediatrics practice so I hate to think how many of their kids are on unneccessary hormones. As my paed said, once you start on the hormone supplementation path it can be very hard to get off it again. He has had more than one discussion with this particular practice about this issue but as yet no success in getting through to them. Thank goodness we don't need to go back there again.

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iamza said...

Woo, excellent news!! And a pretty good start to the weekend. \o/