26 May 2010


Shh! I don't want to jinx it, but I think we've cracked the potty training! Enya is definitely finished with nappies during the day, she does everything in the potty or when we are out, she goes on a normal toilet! Ciara has the most amazing bladder control and only needs to go on the potty a couple of times a day (no, she is not dehydrated she drinks way more than Enya does!). Ciara hasn't quite worked out pooing in the potty yet but we're well on the way there.

There were 2 parts of motherhood that really concerned me, starting solids and then potty training. You know that solids were a bit of a nightmare with Enya not tolerating any texture or really solid solids for the longest time, so that just notched up my worries about potty training. I can however say it has really gone brilliantly. The month break between our first attempt and this time really paid off, at some point during the break it clicked with Enya that pee belongs in the potty (remember I was putting them on the potty at nappy changes if they were interested and Enya mostly was), and from Monday when we put her into panties she has been asking for the potty. Ciara didn't get it initially but through observing her sister and one accident it very quickly made click with her too. I've heard from other moms that they found potty training very stressful and the hardest part of parenting but it just all seemed to flow for us (perhaps because we have no carpeting to worry about?!).

Now don't get me wrong, Ciara and Enya are still having accidents but a maximum of one a day and we are only 9 days into this. The pull ups are only for night and naptimes and they are even staying dry sometimes during naptime. Although if we do have any long car journeys (this weekend we are going to Z's dad- 2hour drive away) I'll probably put pull ups on as well.

So in summary, my mom was right, the girls were ready to potty train and it has been a very successful painless transition. I am incredibily proud of how well Ciara and Enya have done and hope that this post doesn't jinx it all! (we learnt early on in the NICU not to praise the girls as everything usually went to pot after!)

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Irishenchantment said...

congrats hope it remains well for you now :)