3 May 2010

Just shoot me!

Remember when I said that I dreaded the girls needing glasses? Well we've just gotten back from an appointment with the Eye Prof (as opposed to the horrible Eye Guy) and BOTH GIRLS need glasses! I could just cry!

They are both long sighted and also both have astigmatism. The only plus about the entire visit was that we were out of there in next to no time as we were the only exam patients there, all the other were surgical.

Now I need to go spectacle shopping again. How the heck am I supposed to get them to wear the glasses and not break them. I've already checked a couple of shops and they only have metal glasses and as both Z and I have seen, the girls delight in bending even the hardiest metal frames.

This is so not FUN!


iamza said...

Oh dear. I hope you find some nice kid-friendly plastic frames soon. (Although, um, the glasses will get broken -- just ask mom!)

Out of curiosity, how do they check for long-sightedness in kids of that age?


Stacie said...

We've had metal frames for both our boys for a year and a half. They surprised me at first. They never fought them--at first. I think they were amazed they could see! We now go through stages of throwing them when they are mad, but it really hasn't been as bad as I was expecting. (knock on wood--we've only broken one pair when my mom stepped on them!)

BUT, the lenses do get scratched. The opthamologist said it shouldn't be a problem as long as you can't see the scratch when you look out of them. It used to bug me when they would get a new scratch. (we liked to CHEW them! It was bad enough that the lab tech asked if we had a dog. Um, nope just kids. lol.) Now we just roll with it!