25 May 2010

The rest of the long weekend

This weekend was Kultur Pur in Siegerland, it is a festival with live music acts, comedians and various street performers and that's just in the tents! The setting is a sports field in the middle of the forest. In the grounds surrounding the tent complex there are other forms of entertainment available, especially for the younger visitors (labyrinth or clowns etc.).

WE decided to take advantage of the glorious weather we were having and met up there with friends on Sunday afternoon. It was absolutely heaving but we had a great afternoon in the fresh air nonetheless. I was especially proud of Ciara and Enya as we survived the whole afternoon (including a fairly long walk from the car to the festival and back again) without the pram and we didn't lose the girls once! I did however put both girls into pull ups for the visit as we had a long drive to get there and the toilets, from past experience, often have long queues-my girls when they need to go, need to go NOW!

So without further ado: some photos from Kultur Pur
Enya meeting "Francois Blanc"

Enya in the Chime Labyrinth-all doorways had different objects hanging in them

Magnetic attraction between girls and dirt?

Ciara in the music garden, all "instruments" are made of everyday objects like pipes or pots or wheels

Poor old Ciara has one weakness and that is her stomach, on Monday she woke up with a temperature and was not herself the whole day, thank goodness it was a public holiday so I had help. She was exceptionally cuddily, hardly ate anything and kept saying she was sick. Finally last night she threw up after asking for the cough cough bucket, our warning sign that an eruption is imminent. She is incredibily good about telling us beforehand and usually gets everything in the bucket, for which I'm extremely grateful! She is still off colour this morning though.

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