6 May 2010

Babee and a discharge

Early morning this morning as Enya had a 8am appointment at the neurologist and she was DISCHARGED!! From a neurological point of view Enya is doing fine and her EEG was normal so we get to strike another specialist off our list. Unfortunately after our last appointment they gave me the incorrect results for her thyroid blood test (the values WERE abnormal) so we have to get it redone and it looks likely that Enya will be starting medication for her thyroid. Ask me why the neurologist is the one that noticed the signs and is the one leading the testing for this!!

I found Babee at the second shop this morning so that was huge sigh of relief. Ciara was delighted to see it when I gave to back to her after we got home and it is now tucked up next to her for naptime.

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