17 May 2010


I am so proud of my two little monkeys!

You all know we started playing around with potty training about a month ago. I had them in panties (or nekkid) for a couple of afternoons while it was warm and we landed up watering the garden ALOT (they even once fertilized with more solid waste!). Well then I took a break as the weather turned cold and wet so we couldn't spend the day out into the garden and I wasn't sure if they were ready yet anyway. During this time I just tried to get them to sit on the potty during nappy changes. At some stage about 2 weeks ago something went click with Enya and she began weeing most times when she sat on the potty, until a couple of days ago when she suddenly stopped. I was having a chat with my mom last night about this and she said I had to be careful Enya didn't land up getting confused with potty and nappies and to just bite the bullet and put her into panties. She also suggested I start with just Enya, as Ciara was showing absolutely no interest in the potty at all, most times she refused to even sit on the potty. So the decision was made to start potty training Enya from today and to leave Ciara for another few weeks.

Fast forward to this morning: after breakfast, I was enjoying my tea before I went to get them dressed, when Enya walked in with Ciara's nappy. Ciara followed soon after, nekkid from the waist down and mentioned she wanted panties. My reaction was okay we'll do them both together then and so the serious Potty Training Day (PTD)began. Enya is a frequent but low volume "pinkler" while Ciara holds on for over 2 hours but then wees copious amounts. Despite me rolling up all the carpets (thank God for tiled floors) and blocking off the beds and sofas, they only had one accident all day (Ciara before she peed for the first time in the potty) and were both asking to use the potty without me having to remind them. A resounding success of a PTD which has left me incredibily proud of my girls.

I think my mom was right, I think they are both ready for this!! Although we still have a few big hurdles to get over (no one did big business today) it looks like we're heading in the right direction. I only hope tomorrow goes as well, as we have the kindergarten visit tomorrow afternoon and I don't want to put them back into nappies during the day again (well except for naps of course).

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