15 May 2010

Busy busy

My baby sister is here for a visit and we've been very busy doing nothing much. Baby sister is being called granny and we were asked if she was my twin (she's ten years younger than me!) so I don't think she feels very complimented-medical school obviously drains the life/youth out of one;0).

C and E are being delightful, exhausting and exuberent as befits nearly three year olds. They were discharged from cardiology last week! WOO HOO!! Both of their ASD/PFO's have closed. We're almost rid of all our specialists now!!

Our program for next week involves the first visit to kindergarten for a trial session (with parental accompaniment). I'm intrigued to see what is planned and how everyone (read Enya) copes with the session. I'm really excited about them starting kindergarten as I believe they will gain so much from it. I have already seen how much they pick up from the older kids when we have visitors and I can't wait to see what they learn when they are exposed to other kids everyday.

Gotta take my baby sister to the airport tomorrow very early, this week has really flown by !

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