27 May 2010

So the glasses

As we've had the glasses now for a week I suppose I should update how things are going. I imagine you have a fairly good idea, given that the girls are wearing them in all the recent photos and I haven't been whinging about the glasses.

The girls are really good about wearing them, they even ask for them when they get up in the morning or from a nap. When they get tired they do start taking them off and that is then a sign for us to start getting ready for bed. That they have taken so well to their glasses shows me that they do see a lot better with them and that they really are necessary (RATS!!).

The only problem we've had so far is at playgroup, one of the other little girls keeps ripping them off Ciara and Enya's faces. They'll have to learn to defend their glasses!

In other news Enya now has whatever bug Ciara had on Monday, so we had a morning just for us while Ciara went to playgroup. Enya and I bought the rucksacks for kindergarten which are adorable and have the breast strap so the shoulder straps won't keep sliding off during the Wedensday rambles. We followed that up by going for hot chocolate which turned into a cuddle and then nap session as the fever really began to hit Enya. Poor little mite is now curled up in her bed sleeping after a dose of para.cetamol. Ciara didn't do too well either at the playgroup as she missed her sidekick. They said she needed lots of cuddles and was very tearful, she perked up though as soon as she saw Enya and myself coming early to collect her.

Hopeful it will all be back to normal tomorrow for play therapy!

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