31 Mar 2008

All alone

Well, except for the girls of course! My mom was here last week as Z had to go to Stockholm for a work presentation (poor baby, even there he didn't get much sleep as the hotel room was overheated and with underfloor heating he had no way to adjust the thermostat).

I'm incredibly lucky with my family, they've all been here at least twice since the girls were born, staying at least a week each time. When Z found out he had to go away my mom immediately said she would try come out or failing that one of my sisters would. How fantastic is that!! It makes life so much easier when I can just concentrate on one baby at a time and know the other is being taken care of too.

It was really great having her here but I think she thinks I'm becoming terribly "german". In this household we record everything the girls eat (yes I'm afraid we weigh the food bowls before and after) and drink, if they poo, what they weigh and their temperatures (at least we've stopped recording if they wee, no point the nappies were always wet;-) ) . We will not keep doing this forever, when we know that Enya is eating enough to grow consistently we will stop but in the meantime my mom thinks we're crazy!

Anyway Z is back and my mom is back in good old Blighty and life continues

PS. on the sleeping front NOT GOOD. The last 4 nights they've been waking at 2-3am again. I can't work out why as they are both drinking enough during the day and I try make the last bottles at night big ones. Today we start 3 meals a day so maybe with solids just before bed they'll sleep through. I'll keep you updated!!!

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iamza said...

They're teasing you witht he sleeping thing. Just when you think you've got it all sorted... :-)