12 Mar 2008

Busy day

Poor Z is finally feeling better after being layed low by gastro for a few days. Just in time though for our mega therapy day. This morning we had our first Speech therapy (SLT) appointment for Enya to assess her feeding and in the afternoon we had physio for both girls.

I'm fairly shattered so I'll try keep this brief. I'm not sure how I feel about the SLT- it was all a bit wishy washy. Ciara, the little brat, only drank half her bottle at home before we left for the appointment, despite having just woken from a 10 hour sleep. So instead of watching how Enya was drinking the therapist got distracted by Ciara's cries of hunger and landed up giving her her bottle while I gave Enya hers. He (yup we have a male SLT-I've never met one before) did give us a couple of exercises to try and a teat to try but agreed that it is unlikely at this point we are going to get her sucking properly from a bottle. He feels she is however too young to try a cup, so we must continue as we have been doing. On the plus side he was very pleased with how she is eating her rice cereal (she managed 2/3 of a bowl there and then 1/2 a bowl this evening with carrot puree mixed in). We go back to see him in 3 weeks and in the meantime will try the exercises to stimulate sucking before bottle feeds.

While I was at SLT with the girls, Z was speaking to an acquaintence of ours who works as a doctor in the Social Paediatric Centre (SPZ). She does the preemie followup and he wanted to sound her out about the issues we've been having recently (in particular Enya's weight and physio). She agreed with us in most of the points we raised, only in the weight she said she found the irish reaction a bit overdone. At the same time she agreed with Debs that Enya needed to be getting 120kcal/kg (before we started concentrating the formula she was getting 86 kcal/kg). We now have an appointment with our paediatrician tomorrow to hear his view and to try get a prescription for the high calorie preemie formula.

Obviously Z chat with Dr B got back to our physio as she was wonderful today. She took off her Vojta gloves today and showed us some simple things we can do outside of our daily formal therapy sessions to encourage normal movements. She also revised the exercises that we've been doing as the girls have been protesting so vehemently agaist them, there could be no therapeutic benefits coming from them.

Operation Sleep is now just ashes. Ciara slept through last night but Enya has been up every 3-4 hours the last 2 nights. As Z had baby ban, I've not slept much and tomorrow is another wash out due to the doctors appointment. I know I shouldn't complain but I was so enjoying getting 6 hours sleep in one stretch that it's hard to accept this step backwards.


Cathy said...

Ugh about the SLT. Our nutrionist is about equally as helpful it sounds. "You can try this, but most likely you'll have to wait it out." Thanks guys.

Why didn't HE feed Enya? Since it was her appointment and all ...

Sorry about the sleep. I hear it gets better eventually. Like, they eventually move out and then you can sleep again ...

iamza said...

Hey Nix,

Sorry, I've been away for a bit so missed the last few days saga.

I'm really glad that Debs has given you some ammunition for your next doctor's visit -- hopefully this will force them to pay attention to what you have to say. I kind of wish you were all in Ireland now.

It's sad the way the SLT appointment went -- are there any plans for a follow up appointment?

Hope Z continues to feel better! Gastro is no fun! :-(