9 Mar 2008

Caffeine update

In all the stress about other things I completely forgot to mention the Prof finally got back to us about the analysis from the monitor download. He said it showed nothing to worry about and that we could stop the caffeine immediately (no gradual reduction). Unfortunately Z took the phone call and didn't try and get any more details about what the download did actually show- this is why it irritates me that we just got a phone call. Next time we are going to get the results during a face to face meeting. He wanted us to come back for another download in 3 months, but here Z did put his foot down, so we are going back in 4 weeks instead.

Today is day 3 without caffeine but on past experience (this is the third attempt) day 5 is where the shit hits the fan. So wish us luck!! We want to stay rid of the caffeine and hopefully still get sleep. Dare I say it, if we are really lucky we get rid of the blasted monitor in 4 weeks as well. Hey a girl's got to have hope, doesn't she?

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