17 Mar 2008

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As promised a non whiny whingy post.
They loved my apple puree with baby rice, both girls ate more than 50g of it. So maybe my cooking isn't as bad as I think it is;-)
Enya is absolutely adorable when we feed her, we can't get the spoon to her mouth fast enough. She also opens her mouth really wide when we bring the spoon near so we can really load up the spoon with puree. She always grins during mealtimes as if to say finally something I can enjoy (bottle feeding remains difficult). She has started speaking more and has a beautiful shy smile which she is showing more frequently. She loves playing with her hands and is starting to chew on her fingers and fists (teething at 3 1/2 months??). When she gets excited she tramples with her legs so much that I'm not surprised she is not putting on weight any faster, she is going to have fantastic abdominal muscles as she lifts her bottom clear of the floor while kicking. She has also started trying to pull herself up into sitting (crunchies) or by pulling on the baby gym arch.

Ciara made a slower start on the eating front but has also learnt to open her mouth when the spoon approaches (she just bites down so quick so we often don't get the spoon between her teeth before she snaps shut). She is our little talker, I can often hear her lying chatting to herself after her nap. When she sees us she starts to shriek with joy, this is deafening if she lets rip while next to your ear. She has a gorgeous grin and a dimple in her right cheek, I just can't get enough of it., just as well she is such a happy baby. Ciara is such a chatterbox that towards the end of her bottle, she starts jabbering around the teat. But pity the poor parent that tries to take the bottle away, as she then throws a hissy fit. The chatter box has a remarkable variety of sounds she can make including ba and I love watching the shapes she forms with her mouth when talking. She now tolerates tummy time much better and is starting to reach out for toys in this position. She is able to roll from tummy to back in both directions.

I love these little goblins more everyday and am constantly amazed at how fast they are growing up. We've already had to pack two full boxes of baby clothes away and Enya is (finally) growing out of size 56 (english newborn size). I remember when Ciara came home in December that she barely fitted into the sleeping sac-it drowned her- and now I can barely close it for Enya. I need to keep reminding myself to enjoy everyday to the full as before I know it they will be terrible toddlers and the "terribler" teenagers!!

PS they are both sleeping through from 7pm to 5am YIPPEEEE!

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