2 Mar 2008

Deluge over

It looks like it was only a 24 hour bug and Enya either got it very lightly or got off scott free! What I find interesting is that in the past when a problem arose, Enya was always the worst affected (NEC scare- Ciara off feeds for one day, Enya off and on for a week; ROP- Ciara grade 2 then resolved, Enya needed lasering; Ventilation- Ciara one day,Enya 2 weeks and one day) but tummy wise Ciara is now the more sensitive. It's going to be even more interesting when we start them on solids.
Another full week ahead of us so I'm going to go relax before the next feed and then straight to bed.

1 comment:

iamza said...

When do the solids start?

Glad to hear the deluge is done. :-)