16 Mar 2008


Butternut squash will not be featuring on the meal plan for the girls for the next little while. It definitely was not a success. Ciara retched a couple of times with the squash and even our little eat-it-all, Enya, only managed half her portion. I may need to thin it down or mix it with baby rice to dilute the taste even further when we try it again (the weaning book recommends trying again after a few weeks).
Our new scales arrived yesterday so we can monitor Enya's weight. Now that the baby massage course is over, I won't be seeing the hebamme again and the doctor doesn't want to see us for a couple of months hence no weighing for a while. I am not prepared to go that length of time without monitoring so we decided to invest in a set of scales. We've decided to weigh only once a week, tomorrow being the big day. I'm crossing fingers that Enya reaches 4.9 kg but am not holding my breath (sneak preview showed she had lost weight!!).
On that note our paediatrician basically told us we were overreacting to Enya's weight and that we should rather give her corn oil than concentrate her formula. My objection to this is oil will cause diarrhea (I was advised to give them oil when they were constipated for this reason) and his reasons not to concentrate don't make sense, so I will stick with concentrating the formula. The only reason I'm sticking with this paediatrician is he is very good from the neurodevelopmental aspect otherwise we would be looking for a new paediatrician.
I promise my next post will be a happier one with no whining or whinging in it!! I am so sick of my complaining but recently I just have been needing to unload and this is the easiest forum for it. Ende Gelaende, next time I will be more positive... promise.

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Cathy said...

So what is the pedi's problem with concentrating formula? (We had to fight ours on it a little too, but if they're not gaining weight appropriately ...). I mean, so long as you're not going above 24 cal/fluid oz (30 ml), it's all good. (Higher than that can be dehydrating.)

I mean, really. Weight gain is only part of it. Stamina to eat enough. Energy to work on physical and mental development. Ugh, your pedi frustrates me!