18 Mar 2008

Mommy's parsnip puree rules!

They love it!! They finished the jar and were looking for more (OK slight exaggeration but still). Ciara also ate more than 100g of my apple and rice puree- she is really getting into the solids now. With Enya, we're having to give the bottle first otherwise she doesn't manage 500ml over the day, this meant she is too full to eat much. I have started feeding them both at the same time: Ciara gets her solids first, then Enya gets her bottle, next Ciara gets her bottle and lastly Enya gets her solids. The entire procedure takes about 1 1/2-2 hours and then they usually crash. That means mommy gets to eat too;-)

The best thing about solids is that they are sleeping through from 19:30-04:00 for the last 4 days, the worst thing is that we are only getting 4 feeds in over the day. It doesn't help trying to wake them for a late night bottle as the last few times we tried this they only drank about 40ml. I can't believe I'm contemplating waking them when they are finally sleeping through!


iamza said...

Glad to hear they're still sleeping through -- hopefully all those extra zzz's are good for mom and dad too! :-)

PS I love your lilypie counter.

Anonymous said...

Yay for solids!

Some days we only get in 4 feeds - and we're not on solids yet. We don't worry about it with the bigger guy, but with the smaller one I feel like I should be waking him. But .. he's still meeting his average, he's still gaining weight, he's still slowly upping his daily average. And if it only takes 4 bottles instead of 6 - well, I just gained myself a couple more hours of sleep, didn't I? :)